Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babies are cute. In case you didn't know.

Well, I have a few more baby details, but sadly no photo yet. MOH texted me one yesterday, but for some reason, it keeps disappearing when I try to add it to the blog. I'll do what I can to remedy the situation, but I don't have the heart to badger a brand new mommy for more pictures of her baby... just so they can be posted for all the blogosphere to see! ;)

In the meantime, I'll tease you all with these fabulous details...

~ MOH and Mr. MOH have chosen the fabulous name... Lillian Mary for their cutie-pie!

~ Miss Lillian Mary got her middle name in memory of MOH's grandmother.

~ She clocks in at a healthy but peanut-sized 6 lbs, 2 oz. Adorable!

~ Her birthday comes just two days after MOH's and one day after another family member... So much excitement and celebration in one week!

~ Lily is freaking beautiful. I may be slightly prejudiced, but seriously - from the pic I saw, she doesn't have any scary marks on her face, or squinched head like some babies have right when they're born. She has gorgeous dark hair, and I can tell already she's gonna be a looker who'll have Daddy wrapped right around her little finger.

I'm going to call MOH again today and pass on all the well wishes you guys have been leaving - I'm sure she'll appreciate all of the love. Since I can't leave you with pictures of Lily, I'll leave you with pics of these other adorable little ones...

Again... not photos of Lily, but for the time being, these'll have to do for your baby fix.


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