Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick and Dirty Wedding Recap...

Woo hoo!!! Our photographer has all of our wedding photos online... so, you know what that means... time to start the wedding weekend recaps! (Cuz it's not like I should be using my time to find a job, work on grad school homework, or clean something...)

To begin, we're going to do a nuts and bolts recap; if you have no desire to suffer through excruciating detail and a million photos over the next few weeks as I relive my our wedding weekend, then this post is for you. It'll hit just the very bare minimum highlights you need to see to get the essence of the day...

I will preface that all of these photos are from Dave Watkins, of Narella Studio in Lake Mills, WI. I will rave about him more in a later post, but seriously - if you are getting married anywhere in the state of Wisconsin, seek this man out. Demand that he clear his schedule and photograph your wedding, because you will NOT be disappointed. If you want more info about him, please check out his website here. He was super accommodating and put together a special site for me to get photos from so I could post them on this blog, and I promised him I'd give him some shout-outs in return :)

And, without further adieu... our wedding day.

The boys arrive (looking like the cast of Ocean's 11).

Grandpa and I start our big entrance.

And the deal, is sealed.

There was cake.

There was dancing. (Rock on ladies!)

There was love.

Can we be done now?

Stay tuned for the in-depth recaps (starting with the debacle at the nail salon) coming soon!


Cole June 4, 2009 at 5:37 AM  

Damn I look good! Oh ... and you two are stunning as well. ;)

The pictures turned out wonderfully. You are ever the beautiful bride!

NatalieW June 4, 2009 at 8:29 AM  

Beautiful pictures! I especially like the last one--that's how I felt after my wedding. :)

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