Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, Thursday.

~ Spent today subbing for the fifth grade. The afternoon included a field trip where we walked to a nearby park and monitored the children playing for two hours. One child called some younger children at the park names that I cannot say here or my mom would wash my mouth out with soap. Another child managed to get her foot stuck in a piece of playground equipment. Thank goodness I wore my tennis shoes (and carry Excedrin in my teacher bag).

~ Had my eye appointment to deal with the stye. No progress. Doc thinks I need to keep putting warm compresses on it until I lose my patience, and then I can call him back and he'll "remove it." He explained the procedure of "removing it," and I think I'll be trying the warm compresses for a bit longer.

~ Arrived home to find our dining room full of packages from my MIL - the wedding gifts we opened in Wisconsin after the wedding are now back in our possession! Well, they're in the boxes, in our house (and if I don't get up any more energy tonight, that's where they'll be staying).

~ NavyGuy is at a simulator event until at least eight. So now the question becomes, do I get up off the comfy bed and make myself some dinner, or just wait until he comes home and see if he'll drive into town for pizza...? I'm getting kinda hungry, but I'm also really comfy. NavyGuy will be tired when he gets home, and unlikely to want to go back into town for food... but his only meal options if he eats here are a sandwich or leftovers. It's a toss-up.

Subbing again tomorrow. The annual "Fun Run" is on the docket for the morning, so here's hoping everyone arrives at the finish line... without leaving any limbs behind in playground equipment...


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