Friday, June 19, 2009

The Post Office Strikes Again...

Well, this was the birthday card that TWP was going to receive on her birthday this Saturday. Sadly, a few problems have arisen...

1) I didn't get it in the mail in time. My fault.
2) It was just returned to me by the post office because it "allegedly" did not have enough postage on it. Bah. USPS's fault.
3) TWP is in California for her birthday!!! Sort of her fault, but we'll blame it on her hubby :)

The card was inspired by Maren Benedict's style. She has a talent for combining lots of patterned paper and seemingly unrelated products to create really colorful and unique cards. The celebrate doodad on the front is a chipboard sticker that I got in a $1 spot pack from JoAnn's.

Hopefully TWP is having a marvelous time in wine country and FlowerGirl hasn't driven her completely crazy yet :) Perhaps I'll have managed to get her card re-sent back to her by the time she gets back from her trip!


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