Monday, June 8, 2009

Muchas Gracias

I stated long before the wedding, that we, not I, would be writing the thank you notes for the wedding gifts. I'm quite traditional when it comes to some things, but there was no way I was going to be doing all of the thank you writing myself, just because I was the wife (with the better handwriting). We agreed to split up the thank yous, and each write some of the notes. NavyGuy denies remembering ever agreeing to this plan, but he most definitely did.

Today, as we sat on our bed, with the handwritten list of wedding gifts received and ample blank thank you cards ready to be penned, I began to question the wisdom of this plan...

Me: C'mon, we'll just get a few more done before you have to go to your meeting.

NavyGuy: Ugh, I'm tired. When did I agree to help with this?

I shoot him "the look," as words aren't even necessary.

NavyGuy writes a line or two, then falls back dramatically on his pillow as if he's just bench pressed five hundred pounds.

Me: Acting like you can't do this, will not spare you. I know that trick.

NavyGuy glares.

Me: Just get it done! See, I just wrote one. Here - use this as a template.

NavyGuy: How do you get them done so easily?

Me: I don't stop every four words and whine.

NavyGuy: I just think you'd be so much better at doing this.

Me: Uh huh. Yep, I probably would, but then you wouldn't learn.

NavyGuy sighs. And begins tapping on his notebook.

Me: I thought you said you were tired.

NavyGuy: Yeah, I am.

Me: Well, if you have the energy to tap your fingers and annoy me, then you have the energy to finish that note!

Thank you notes completed: 7
Thank you notes to-be completed: 58
Chance that NavyGuy will get out of finishing his: 0%
Chance that he will be locked in a sterile room to finish his alone: 100%


historygirlie June 9, 2009 at 12:55 PM  

A: The fact that you only have 60-some thank-you's to write makes me jealous...I singlehandedly wrote over 200 for our wedding. And Farmer had the audacity to complain that they weren't getting out fast enough. GRRRRR. Still bitter.

B: Tell Mr. Macho NavyGuy to quit sounding like a 10th grader and get to work. :) I thought the military was supposed to make men learn to follow their superior's orders without complaint??!!?? wasn't that the purpose of only eating with a spoon and wearing those butt-ugly glasses??!!??

Just kidding, Maverick. :)

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