Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cheers and Jeers: Thanksgiving Edition

Cheers... to my and NavyGuy's families venturing on the "Washington Trail" and making it out to our neck of the woods for a Thanksgiving extravaganza.

Cheers... to the two semi-nice weather days we had while our guests were here.

Jeers... to the two spitty, wet, icky days we had while our guests were here.

Cheers... to a great menu of Thanksgiving food. Triple cheers to the deep-fried turkey (no fires or explosions!), stuffing, green jello rings, and hashbrown casserole.

Jeers... to the Rockette's nude colored outfits. Nude is not a holiday color ladies; find yourself a nice red or green leotard for next year please.

Jeers... to the pitiful reinvention of White Christmas on Broadway showcased during the Macy's parade. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye would have rolled over (and danced a smashing tap routine) in their graves if they had seen the crap-tacular impostors mangling the holiday classics.

Cheers... to the six bottles of wine we managed to drain during dinner and dessert.

Jeers... to the butthead of a roommate who a) did not offer to help prepare anything before dinner, b) did not offer to clean up anything after dinner, and c) ripped the head off of my handmade Pilgrim man placecard and stuck it on one of the wine bottles. (A kids' table would have been wise.) He, and our other equally useless roommate, are on my list.

Cheers... to the Michael's craft store in Burlington for having a wide selection of Cricut cartridges on sale for $29.99 Friday morning!!!! At that price, how could I not buy three of them?

Cheers... to my wedding planner/life coach for her fabulous bridal shower invitations that arrived on Friday. Despite handicaps like an ADHD dog, a pukey baby, and a husband, she put together a gorgeous invite featuring a pink wedding cake! Yea!

Cheers... to my Trivial Pursuit team for our Friday night victory. May youth (and second guesses) always prevail.

Jeers... to the whales of Puget Sound. Six hours on a rainy, cold, dismal boat trip around the islands of northwest Washington, and all you damn whales do is hide underwater the entire time!?!?! I did not pay good money to sit in my own shivering dampness and listen to Captain Carl tell me about the mating habits of harbor seals; I wanted to see Shamu in the wild! (Luckily, we each have a lifetime voucher to retake the whale watching tour again, until we actually see whales.)

Jeers... to the bug that crawled up my nose and gave me this vicious head cold.

Cheers... to Eclipse, Book Three of the Stephenie Meyer vampire saga, which kept me entertained when I awoke at 4:30 am dripping snot and unable to fall back asleep.

Cheers... to a delightful, if imperfect, Thanksgiving Extravaganza. For the family we did see, thank you; for the family we didn't get to see, Christmas is just a few short weeks away!


Anonymous,  December 1, 2008 at 6:49 AM the wedding planners poor planning/sheer mental exhaustion which made what was supposed to be an adorable 3-tiered cake invite into a less than stellor 2-tiered blob. At least you could tell it was supposed to be a cake!!!!


historygirlie December 1, 2008 at 3:47 PM  

I'm so with you on the nude rockette outfits/massacre of White Christmas debacles on Thursday morning. I wait all year to check out the Rockettes, and they wear nude!!! poor.

Oh, TWP, the wedding invites rocked the house. I love love love them. I'm totally stealing the idea for my sister in laws shower coming up. How did you make those awesome little flowers???? is that a cricut creation???

Oh, yeah, best friend from grade school, Jen Bartell, had her baby this morning!!! A boy named Evans. Yes, EvanS. That's Jen for you!

We need to chat soon....lets get an appointment on the books for a phone call.

Anonymous,  December 1, 2008 at 5:33 PM  

The invites were a very ghetto-fabulous creation. All I own is a scissors, a straight line cutter and I went out and bought a tiny flower punch.

Glad to hear someone besides my husband *who had to say they were nice or I would have stabbed him!!!) liked them!


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