Friday, November 21, 2008

Thurday's Three Trips

Thursday unintentionally became "3 Trips to Oak Harbor" Day. A quick primer for those of you who are still flummoxed by the geography up here:

Whidbey Island has the city of Oak Harbor, naval base, most of my female friends
Fidalgo Island has Anacortes, our home, little else
Burlington has Target, Michaels, movie theater, civilization

Anacortes sits about in the middle between Oak Harbor and Burlington - approximately a 30 minute drive either way. I am still getting used to blocking off an hour (round trip) to get to my beloved Target. Alas, because of some ill-planned scheduling, I ended up making three separate trips down to Oak Harbor today. Happily, each round was either productive or fun or both!

Round #1 - doctor's appointment
No fears - I'm still hardy midwestern stock, I just needed to update prescriptions with my new doctor here in Washington. The appointment began on time, took exactly twelve minutes (score), and caused me to snort. Why the snort? This exchange:

Sassiest Nurse Ever: Is there any domestic abuse in your home?
Mugs: Ha. No.
Sassy Pants: That's good. Though, at least running away from a bat wielding son of a bitch can count as exercise.
Mugs: SNORT.

I didn't know whether to find her offensive, crass, or positively hilarious. (While domestic abuse is not a funny matter - her comment was funny!)

Round #2 - a lunch date with girlfriends
Chicken Teriyaki + funny ladies = smiles all around. One of my new Whidbey peeps (Miss B) gathered a few of us together to meet for lunch. She brought two new peeps that she had been hanging out with - and surprise surprise - in this small town area of the world where everyone knows everyone else somehow - I "knew" one of the girls! About halfway through lunch, we figured out that one of the girls owned the house that NavyGuy was living in in Pensacola! I met his old landlord! Good grief. (Luckily NavyGuy was a good tenant and it didn't get awkward.) We were both amused, and I was delighted to meet another unemployed teacher.

Round #3 - Stamp Club!
Oh, how I love thee :) My new stamping friend in Oak Harbor is a demonstrator for Stampin' Up (a marvelous stamp company that has already begun to siffon away me meager babysitting income), and she hosts a once monthly stamp club night, where she invites ladies to her home to create cards and other projects. Last night, we made three glittery sparkly Christmas cards and a cute ornament (I'll post pics later), and we had a great time getting glitter everywhere.

The gas tank may have taken a hit from all the travel, but it was worth it :)


Rearden November 22, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

So that's why you had me drive yesterday, to put gas in the truck...

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