Thursday, November 6, 2008

Online Shopping Tip

Wow! Did I just score big time! So, I'm been a huge fan of American Eagle Favorite Pants since discovering them last fall, and proceeding to purchase pairs in navy, khaki, and black. I happened to be checking out their website today (after our power was restored... storm... power outage... cranky Mugs... end of story), and lo and behold - they had the pants on sale! Fantastic :) (I need new pants because a) the pairs I bought last fall don't fit, b) if I get this nanny job, I probably can't wear sweatpants there, and c) they have a new color - tobaggan! See left.)

But wait - it gets better! I had heard that sometimes you can google a store name and the word "coupon" and find special discount codes that you can enter at the online checkout, to get a percentage off or free shipping. Heck yeah - I snagged 20% off my $50 order! Pants that used to cost 40 dollars, only ended up costing me $23.50. I {heart} the internet.

Here's a couple of the common coupon collection sites that came up in my search:,,

Anyone else have tricks to getting deals when they purchase something online?


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