Sunday, November 9, 2008


Huh? A wedding post about STDs? For those of you whose minds went straight to ninth grade health class and are trying to remember what "the clap" is a nickname for (oh, is that just me?) - get your minds out of the gutter people! STDs = Save the Dates in wedding speak, and the deadline is rapidly approaching for a decision.

Here's the problem - I love all things paper (Hi, my name is Mugs, and I'm a paper-a-holic). So, for most people, what is a small detail that can quickly be checked off the to-do list, is for me, a monumental decision, potentially charting a basic course for the invitations, and setting the overall tone for the entire wedding! (Insert high pitched hysterics here.) I've perused every known website, debated whether I should make them myself, changed directions fourteen times, and driven NavyGuy and TWP (my volunteer wedding planner) completely bonkers with my indecisiveness. I know it shouldn't be this big of a deal; aside from my mother and a few close friends, most people will look at it, throw it in a pile, and unearth it months later when they attempt to clean their kitchen countertops. It's merely a convenience for people - considering our wedding is on a holiday weekend, we want to give folks a heads up about the date. No one is going to hold this choice against me (as opposed to say if they hate the food at the wedding or think my dress is ghastly... as if), and yet, I am still waffling.

So, I'm going to share some of my favorite options that I've found online. I'm hoping once I actually see them all together, it will help me decide. I've divided the options into categories for your ease of viewing :)

Photo Cards
Do It Yourself (DIY) CardsGut reactions? Are there any that make you queasy? Any of the options that you despise, find tacky, or generally hate more than life itself?


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