Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Update...

~ The turkey fryer has been purchased. A swimming pool sized vat of oil was also purchased. Interestingly, a fire extinguisher has not yet been obtained.

~ Saw Eagle Eye, (because Role Models was sold out). I don't care what nonsense Shia LeBouf gets into in real life, he's marvelous on screen. The movie is a "Big Brother" is watching type thriller, and I've been paranoid about using my cell phone ever since.

~ T-day prep continues. Battled mobs of towel bargain hunters at the closing Linens and Things store in Burlington to get table linens for the meal, and scored a few decor deals from Michael's and Target.

~ Finished my Thanksgiving cards. Come rain, sleet, snow, or landslide - they'll be in the mail by next week.

~ Waffling over my / our Save the Date design. Debate rages over whether I should make them myself, whether they should include a photo, etc., etc., etc. Feel free to throw more opinions into the pot.

Anyone have a less exciting weekend? :)


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