Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T-Day Prep: Outta' Time!

The families have invaded :) My mom, and NavyGuy's parents and sister, all arrived in Anacortes this afternoon!!! Yeaaaaaaa, my mom's in my time zone. Per usual, she came bearing gifts - everything ranging from a springform baking pan, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Good Housekeeping magazine, wedding invitation inspiration, and deodorant (it was on sale - that's how we operate). NavyGuy and I gave her the tour of the house, then she whipped up broccoli salad and green pineapple jello rings (a culinary masterpiece that the Pilgrims wish they'd had) while I prepped the apple crisp desserts.

Later NavyGuy's clan arrived, we chowed down on some pizza, gave another house tour (lord I do love showing off the posh bathroom and white trim), baked a pumpkin pie, watched Bones, and rocked out to some monster hits on Rock Band (the video game). One of my favorite parts was watching NavyGuy's dad sing lead vocals on a Jethro Tull song ("Aqualung" ring a bell for anyone?); the man clearly missed his calling in the '70s and should have devoted his efforts to forming a classic rock group. Alas.

Now the families have headed back to the hotel, the boys are still rock-banding it, and I'm curled up in my cozy bed ready to watch tonight's new episode of Top Chef. After a day of cleaning, last minute decorating, cooking, and hostessing - I'm beat! And it was only a prelude to tomorrow's main act! First on the agenda tomorrow - catching the Rockettes at the Macy's Parade!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving Eve :)


Rebecca November 27, 2008 at 6:43 AM  

My Thanksgiving eve was less eventful, but I also watched Bones! I had to spend a significant amount of time shush-ing my parents, though.

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