Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Librarian Tries to Party

Unexpectedly, NavyGuy and I spent Friday night at a house party. Those of you who know us in "real life" know that we're much more likely to be found in a movie theater (or in my case, a livingroom watching HGTV) on a Friday night. But we were invited to this party hosted by another guy in NavyGuy's squadron, and we decided to go. The host's wife is actually the Target employee who led my store orientation - I don't see her much at work now that I'm down in Starbucks, but she's very awesome, and we got a chance to chat a lot Friday night.

Anyway, so the party. Again, for those of you who know me in real life, and frankly, those who've only "met" me in blogland... it's no surprise that I'm a dork. Big 'ole nerd. I did not have a traditional college experience; I was on a first name basis with the librarians, got up by eight or nine most mornings, and never once played beer pong. Not once. Until this past Friday.

Turns out, I would be a heck of a lot better at drinking games, if I'd attempted to play them before I was 27 years old (old dog, no new tricks). NavyGuy and I sucked it up at beer pong - it was downright embarassing. Along with not having any skill or experience at drinking games, I also can't play cards. We played some game called "A**hole," and I lost right off the bat. The other party guests were totally amused at my sheltered past; the host has already nicknamed me "Librarian" and offered to give me his mom's cell phone number, cuz she's a librarian and apparently she and I would have a lot to talk about :)

The only game I didn't completely fail was speed quarters (I still don't totally understand the rules but it seems to revolve around bouncing quarters into shot glasses and, of course, drinking). Because I was actually able to get the quarters in the glass, I was spared many slugs of beer. Even with all my terrible game playing, we had a really fun night (and only a slight hangover the following morning!).


historygirlie July 12, 2009 at 4:45 PM  

Oh, my friend....we could have sucked it up together at the party, two dorky librarians trying to play beer pong.

Kitty's crabby right nap I'll call you when I can. :)


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