Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updates, Info, and a Question for the Group

Update: Contact has been made with HistoryGirlie. She is alive. We covered the basics in my 24 minute drive to work this morning (sorry Washington state police - I flaunt your "no cell phone while driving" law because it's baloney sausage). On the Farm front, HG's daughter is currently obsessed with Elmo, HG is couch and carpet shopping (yea!), and Farmer is, well, still Farmer.

Update: My muscles are still sore from my excursion to the gym on Tuesday. This does not bode well for a) my fitness level and b) the likelihood I'll return to BodyPump class.

Update: MOH's baby is 1 month old tomorrow - I am determined to contact her and at least talk for five minutes. Even if I have to call while at work. Or while in the shower.


Okay, enough updating - I have a tidbit to share for any and all So You Think You Can Dance fans! (Or STTYCD as the true fanatics know it.) After a little internet sleuthing, I discovered the two songs they play while they recap the dancers who have been kicked off! Maybe this is only exciting to me, but I happen to like both of the tunes, and upon discovery, quickly added them to my iPod.

For the female dancer, they play Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone." The male dancer gets "On Your Own" by Green River Ordinance. Just thought I'd share a little info with you peeps. Take it or leave it.


Last but not least, I need your opinions. It's time for a haircut. Since the wedding, I've done little more than wash my hair, and promptly pull it up into a messy knot behind my head. Super hot. I've been putting off making a decision about my hair, because I'm vacillating between several decisions:

Option 1: Get it trimmed, and wait for inspiration to strike.

Option 2: Chop it to at least shoulder-length, but keep the same general style.

Option 3: Chop it, and add bangs! I know, I know - can I really pull this look off? Will NavyGuy harass me every single day calling them "koosh ball bangs" like he THINKS I had in the early 90s? (Point in fact - I never had koosh ball bangs... ugly bangs yes, but no whirl of hair and AquaNet.) Now, when I say bangs, I'm thinking these, a la Reese, Reese, or Alexis.

Option 4: Give some parameters to my hairstylist and let her make suggestions.

Option 5: Take in a fabulous inspiration pic that one of you dolls finds!

So? What do we think? Should I take this opportunity to be a little adventurous, considering I have no major events scheduled in the near future and can risk a scandalous cut? Or should I stick with what I know best? Let's do some voting in the comments, and seriously, feel free to email or comment with photos or links to styles.


Rearden July 17, 2009 at 9:37 AM  


Rearden July 17, 2009 at 9:38 AM  

However, as you know me, I'm always one for change.

YellowBunnies July 17, 2009 at 10:22 AM  

Maybe rather than dramatically diving into the full-on bangs, you could start with just a few side bangs, I swear you've had these in the past and they were cute, no? The thing is that your hair is amazingly thick, so if you go all out with the bangs, you might have a hard time playing them down. I'm thinking more Kristin (Laguna beach) or Katie Holmes (when she had her short cut).

Brooklet July 17, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

My hair is far from being stylish, so I won't bother to offer you opinions on what you should have done to it (I wouldn't trust my opinions). HOWEVER, I will offer you this advice. Stay away from Option #4. From my own experience and witnessing friend's experiences, letting the stylist chose your hair style is not always a good idea. Unless you end up in a REALLY expensive salon (I trust my stylist to cut my hair her way for my wedding but it was a great salon with great reviews and recommendations), I wouldn't trust her. Trust her to cut your hair exactly the way you want it, but I would hesitate to put the final decision into the hands of someone else. Just my opinion though - and again, since I'm not really one to talk about stylish hair, you can take my opinion for what its worth :-).

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