Monday, July 27, 2009

What's Caught My Eye...

I spent yesterday and today working, without any crazy customers or good stories, so all I have to offer today is some interesting things that I've been checking out on the interweb ;)

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart
Sartorial article about Stewart's influence and Jews in the media.

This is a neat website where you can buy art - now what's unique about it is that they sell all original works, but at really reasonable prices. You pick the amount you want to spend (as little as $20 for an 8x10), and then browse the collection. It's great if you're in need of some uncommon wall decor at a stomachable price. (The name stems from their original premise of prints either $20 or $200.)

Daily Blog Tips
For you fellow bloggers, this blog is a wealth of fabulous information on everything from how to attract more readers, to how to collect guest posts, to how to develop new ideas for content. Anybody who blogs could benefit from this.


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