Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Calendar - January and February

As promised, more of the calendar layouts that I created for our family Christmas gift to Grandma and Grandpa.

The biggest challenge with these pages was actually the calendar portion of the page. As the gift is ostensibly a calendar - and not an actual scrapbook - I needed to make sure the calendar cutout was prominent and not covered at all by photos. That left little room for creativity on the bottom portion of the spread, and often only space for 2 or 3 photos. But, I still like how it turned out :)

Most of the details on the pages come from my trusty Cricut (which got a workout for several days in a row). All of the month titles are 1 1/2 inch letters from "Cuttin' Up" cartridge, and the snowflakes in January are from "Stretch Your Imagination."
After photographing these, I punched three holes along the top or bottom of each page, so I could string each page through binder clips and make it flip open as a calendar normally does. I also added captions to each of the pictures; most of them are just names, but after finding so many un-labeled photographers from decades ago at my grandparent's house, I'm trying to make sure that things are documented well for the future.


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