Thursday, December 18, 2008

Packaging for Notecards

I wish I could remember where I got this project idea from, because I'd love to thank the creative crafter who came up with it. If you're out there and see this - let me know! It's the most straightforward and simplistic card holder I've run across.

This is the front of the card holder. I decorated it with Cricut cut-outs to match the designs on the cards.
Here is the inside of the card holder. There's room for four envelopes on the left side (the white), and four cards on the right side. Ribbon is strung through four holds to a) keep the cards and envelopes in place, and b) to be able to tie the package shut (see the first picture). The entire card holder is made from one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. I'm working on getting a template put together and possibly a tutorial to post later in the week.

These are two examples of cards I made to go along with the set. One is a birthday card, and the other is a general blank note. I've started making blank cards in sets for gift sets, and this packaging is a great way to make them presentable. I've seen templates for boxes that you can make to house sets of cards, but they're often complex or hard to fit together well.


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