Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Update...

Highlights from the weekend...

~ Twilight!!! I finally got the movie (with NavyGuy in tow), and despite the fact that of course, the books are better, the movie was still good. For the uninitiated, the Twilight book series are about a teenager in Forks, WA who meets and falls in love with a knight in shining armor, who also happens to be a vampire. The actor and actress who play the leads were well cast, and it's exactly the type of movie/story that tweens fawn over (clearly, it also appeals to 20-somethings who refuse to abandon good young adult fiction). Anyway, read the books, then go see the movie. NavyGuy, who detested the thought of even going to see the film, is now pestering me with questions about what happens in the next books (which I refuse to answer, except to say he should read the books).

~ Saturday was a housewarming party hosted by one of the guys in NavyGuy's class. I had to leave before the party really got going, to head over to Ladies Night Stamping! Besides all the great projects I'll be posting about this week, I was able to pick up a stamp set that I had ordered several weeks ago. It's a set called Humor in High Heels (Stampin' Up), and I'm waaaaay excited to make some cards and other do-dads with it.~ The best part of Saturday night was the snow I found on my car when I left the stamp party - it finally looks like winter here!!! I know my friends and family in Wisconsin are sick to death of snow and ice and winter, but I'm thrilled that we're getting a little non-rain precipitation in this neck of the woods. However, the poopy part of having snow out here is that apparently the city of Anacortes does not find it necessary to plow roads... any roads! That nonsense would not fly in Wisconsin, let me tell you!

~ Sunday was ordinary. NavyGuy headed down to base to study, and I watched TV and crafted a bit. T-minus one week until we head home and the list is growing by the day of things that I need to get ready to go before we skip back to the Central Time Zone!! Mmmm... Culvers... Noodles... Texas Road House... I need to develop a plan to smuggle custard back on the airplane...


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