Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love in a Different Shape

More "love"ly-ness :) (There is no such thing as a bad pun in my world.)

(Design by Michelle "Stampin' Up" Webster)

What do I love about this card? Well, for starters, it's a different shape that the usual card. This one is 3x6. Second, the do-dad on the front is four layers of beautiful; there's a red flower backdrop, then a cream colored flower, with holes punched so you can see the red peaking through, a pink circle with the greeting, and to top it off, a cream colored heart. Lots of work? Yes. Lots of beauty when you're done? Heck yes. The pink bow is glued to the brown card, and then the do-dad is attached to the bow with a thinner piece of brown ribbon, so the do-dad floats around. (Don't you love my technical term of "do-dad"?)

When you open the card, you are greeted by a large heart attached to a flap. In the next photo, you can see how the flap is attached.

The part of the pink paper with the rounded edge design is glued down to the brown card base. Then the flap flips open, and you have a mini pocket to slip a piece of paper into. We simply stamped the cute love birds on a piece of cream paper and slid it in, but you could slide in a little bit of money, or a coupon as part of your valentine. Recognize the hearts on the red paper? Same stamps from the first Love card we did.

That wraps up our December Ladies Night. Three cards and four gift card holders is pretty good work for a Saturday night. Wish all you other crafty ladies could have been there!


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