Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Schedule Posts

So, it's time to let everyone in on the secret; as much as I love blogging, I'm not up at 3 am or 6 am or pretty much any a.m. time posting exciting craft tidbits. A few of you detail-oriented readers have noticed that the "posted at" times on a few of my entries have had suspiciously early times. How do I accomplish this magical feat?

For you fellow blogspot writers, you may or may not have noticed the link titled "post options" at the bottom left hand side of each box in which you compose a new post. (It's directly to the left of where you can type in various labels for the post.) If you expand (click on) that link, you are given blanks to fill in post date and time. The date and time that are in there should be approximately when you started creating the post. If you would like to delay the post, and have it show up on your blog at a later time, all you have to do is highlight the date and/or time, and change it to a later one! And presto chango - you have a blog post written at 2 in the afternoon on Monday, showing up at 8 am Tuesday.

Now some of you may be wondering why on earth a person would do this... Well, in my case, if I have several greeting card craft projects to post, I like to space them out. Sometimes it's easier to get each of the individual posts written at the same time, but, knowing how some of my readers check the blog for new posts every six minutes, I try to space out the new entries so that there aren't as many huge gaps where there are no new posts. This technique would also work well, if say, you have several posts ready to go, but you're going to be gone from your computer over a weekend or vacation. You can schedule the various posts to show up periodically while you're away.

And there's your computer/internet lesson for the day! Hope you fellow bloggers can put this sneaky bit of trickery to use soon :)


Brooklet December 2, 2008 at 7:12 PM  

Ok...I feel much better now. I was starting to wonder if I met some psychopath from an online forum who does crafts 24 hours a day and never sleeps. Thanks for the computer lesson :-).

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