Monday, December 8, 2008

The Future Mrs...

Wedding invitations are going to be a reoccuring topic around here for a while, as I try to decide a) on a design, format, etc., and b) if I'm woman enough to tackle this project DIY style. As I was paying bills / perusing wedding sites last night, I found the most creative, unique, and sassy invites I've found so far at a site called The Future Mrs. Darcy. As a major Pride and Prejudice fan, the name alone intrigued me, and when I saw the theme of the invitations, I was even more excited. Each of the wedding invitation suites is based off of a different famous film or tv couple!

Feast your eyes upon...

Are you less of a Jane Austen girl? How 'bout a more modern couple?

Or there's always the classic movie that NavyGuy and I would have to go with...
There's several other couples that provide inspiration for invitation suites on her site, as well as a link to the the designer's blog. I just love how creative these invites are!!! And they really do feel like the couples who inspired them. For a bride and groom who really wants to follow through with a theme idea, these would make really memorable invitations. Definitely check out the other invitations on her site (she also has a couple baby announcements, and a neat "We've Moved" card inspired by Monopoly). Seeing this kind of work reminds me how many places I can look to find wedding and scraping inspiration!


Kristen December 11, 2008 at 9:04 AM  

Hey!! Thank you so much for your kind words! You save the date story very much reminds me of when I put my invitations together. I thought it would take me a hour or two... try 9 not including the interlude where I spill hot wax from a wax seal on my leg and it felt like I burnt a hole through my leg!

And the woman in the post office line-- definitely got Kwanzaa ones. :D

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