Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Calendar - March, April, May

You've already seen the top portion of the March pages, but this is the bottom half with the calendar portion. I love that photo of my little cousin. It was taken by another cousin at my sister's rehearsal dinner; the little cuz just looks so happy and cute - even though she was sitting through a pretty (boring for a seven year old) social event :)

What do you get when you use a small oval punch on pastel paper? Easter eggs of course! I decorate each with other punches or just strips of paper - luckily, Easter falls during April next year.

Can I point out, that my fellow bridesmaid and I are not truly dancing in the photo above; we have way more skillz than what the photograph shows. We simply paused in the middle of a much cooler dance to pose for the photo...

More cutouts from my trusty Cricut.
Check back in a few days for the summer months!


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