Monday, December 29, 2008

Dispatches from the Central Time Zone

Lacking time to fill you all in on the multitude of details from the past week, I'm going to recap succinctly, and once I get home and have nothing to do, I'll use this list as a way to remember the stories I wanted to expand...

~ Christmas Eve in Madison with NavyGuy's family was joyous and delicious.

~ Christmas Day at my mom's and with the rest of the family was loud, loud, and louder. Much brandy slush was consumed.

~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was long, and lacked enough of hot Brad Pitt.

~ Party with friends on Friday night gave me a chance to catch up on all the gossip.

~ Birthday dinner for my goddaughter (who took her first steps Christmas Day!), and a monstrous win for Team Mugs and NavyGuy at the Fond du Lac bowling alley on Saturday night.

~ Sunday = Mugs' Bridal Shower Day!!!! (Yes, I did run around the house screaming this throughout the day).

~ Monday = Food tasting at our wedding venue in Madison.

As I've quickly discovered while home, it's tough to find time to blog when you're actually busy and out doing things everyday! (Funny how that works - the days I actually have lots to write about, I have no time to write!). But I promise, once I return to Washington and resume my leisurely unemployed lifestyle, I'll have lots more time to write :)


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