Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BTSS Part 2 - Bottoms!

Some of my favorite bottom options coming out this fall (pants and skirts):

Bedford Cords - Old Navy
Nothing says autumn to me like a nice new pair of cords - khaki colored, brown, blue, whatever. I admit, Old Navy can be hit or miss on pants for people; either they fit you like a glove, or they leave you with a butt gap (that chunk of space between your lower back and your pants, when your thighs are significantly bigger than your waist, so in order to fit into the pants thighs-wise, you end up having to belt this extra waistband material... the day a pair of pants is made that addresses this common female waist-to-thigh ratio will be a joyful day in my world). Anyway, I digress. If you're a fan of Old Navy's pants, I'd suggest these cords. :)

Mossimo Pencil Skirt - Target
Do not run in fear from the pencil skirt those of you ladies who are actually shaped like women. You know Target will not do you wrong. Made of polyester, rayon, and spandex, this skirt looks super professional, yet comfy. My only hesitation is that it does not come in other colors; lord knows once I find a piece of clothing that fits and I enjoy, I tend to want to buy numerous pieces in every color of the rainbow.

Battery Park Denim Trouser - New York and Company
The classy jeans alternative for casual Fridays. The wide belt is flattering for gut pooches, and the wide leg bottoms balance out any extra volume you may have in the thigh region. The flat pockets on the butt also help camouflage and slim. The darker shade that they come in is my personal favorite; always opt for dark jeans - they are slimming and look more put together than washed out, faded Levis.

east5th Plaid Skirt - JCPenny
Yep - I will shop anywhere that has good stuff (sans Kmart - c'mon you have to have some kind of line). How schnazzy would this skirt look with boots, a slouchy sweater, and some chunky jewelry? Also, did ya notice the sale price? One cannot be snobbish when it comes to good deals.

In terms of jeans, unless you're wanting to pay top dollar for a tailored pair of regular blue jeans, I would recommend American Eagle or Gap. Both now have denim in a variety of body shapes (extra points for Gap with their Curvy collection), and have begun to recognize that not every woman wants to wear jeans low enough to broadcast her underwear choices and shaving habits.

Next up: Dresses!


Anonymous,  September 2, 2008 at 12:01 PM  

Kudos also to GAP for the "essential" line of jeans. It's even more roomy than the "curvy" line. Finally a pant that fits my waist and my thighs at the same time!!!!!!!


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