Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BTSS - Handbags

This category is another severe weakness of mine. I think I have some kind of purse biological clock that kicks in about every three months, driving me mercilessly to a store (usually Target) to get a new purse. The selection I've chosen here ranges in sizes and prices, so ideally, at least one will inspire you to run out to your local store (again, I clearly have a Target preference) and make an impulse purchase of your own! [Editor's Note: Sizes are included after the descriptions because many times the pictures are deceptive.]

Xhilaration Ombre Satchel Small
- Target
Hmmm... do I need a new bag right now? Define need. Ooooo, it's so shiny and pretty! It also comes in purple, but I'm really lusting after this black ombre feel. Would it be wrong to trick NavyGuy into pulling off the highway in some town betwee here and Whidbey, so I can make a Target run? Define wrong... ;) (14in x 8in)

Issac Mizrahi Small Flap Bag - Target
A little bit smaller, a little bit retro. Break out the pearls and gloves and head out for brunch or an afternoon movie. (14in x 14in)

Merona Small Satchel - Target
This shape is a common one in which for me to purchase an everyday bag. The longer length (as opposed to depth) helps combat the "bag black hole" syndrome because items can't pile on top of each other as much, and the longer straps usually keep it from constantly sliding off of your shoulder. It's gray (despite looking black in the photo), which is a pleasant change from black. (8in x 6in x 15in)

Nara Patent Handbag
- Forever 21
Sophisticated, yet youthful. Complete with some inside slit pockets for cell phone and chapstick. Cute button detailing. Only regret is that it comes in just one color (though I am a big fan of this color; be brave folks - try something besides black or brown this fall). (13in x 16.5in)

Chinese Laundry Python Embossed Clutch - JCPenny
That's right - little ole JCPenny is now hawking the fancy pants bags from Chinese Laundry... for less than $30! There is no good way to describe the hottness of this bag; simple get thee to a Pennys and then find somewhere cool enough to go out with it. (11in length)

axcess Kaylee Hobo - Kohls
Much like my mocked silver "satchel" of this summer (which everyone conveniently wanted to either borrow things from, or use as their own personal dumping ground!), this carry-all will allow you to take everything you need for work, afterwork, and possibly the following day - in one convenient bag. I would highly suggest this type of "purse" for any airplane excursions, now that most airlines are charging you for checked bags. Stash a toothbrush, clean underwear, and all your other esentials in this bag, and still drag a regular carry-on bag on board! Take that American Airlines... grrrr. (12in x 15in)

City Style Leopard Satchel - New York and Company
Do it - you know you want to! The sensible part of your brain screams, "leopard print is too vulgar for me" but the fun part screams even louder, "I can totally work this kick-ass bag." If you want another argument to beat back the sensible side - the bag has brown and black in it, so it basically matches everything. (sizing unavailable)

Women's Cross Body Hobos - Old Navy
I can't say it much better than the description already provided: "...perfect for a day trip to the beach, the farmer's market, or for just tooling around town on your cruiser. Interior zip pocket keeps the important stuff from disappearing in the abyss." Hehe. I love that they acknowledge a larger bag can suck things into a black hole or abyss. P.S. Check the sale price for yourself cuz you're not going to believe me when I tell you this bag is only $7.99! It's also available in two other patterns. (22in x 17in. 27in strap)

Heritage Stripe Tote - COACH
No handbag roundup is complete without the #1 name in overpriced armwear - Coach. If you aren't familiar with this brand, scan the prices on their website. (As a hint, I couldn't even afford a bag when NavyGuy and I once found a Coach outlet store.) But alas, they tempt me so. This version, with the name-check-worthy Coach pattern, can be slung over the shoulder, or carried gingerly in your hand (if you dare take it out of doors, that is). Someday little one, someday. (13.5in x 10.5in)


historygirlie September 18, 2008 at 7:21 PM  

OH, I soooo need every one of these bags. Especially the leopard print one....does target have any leopard ones??????

This post makes my heart smile....I know God loves purses best out of all accessories. (besides pointy toed stilletos)

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