Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reader Warning

Dear Blog Readers,

As always, I cannot thank you enough for making my little musings and rants an integral part of your work day. Much as the NCAA basketball March Madness decimates office productivity for a select few weeks a year, I too like to believe that I contribute on a daily basis to the procrastination of all my friends and family.

That said, I issue a warning that you would be wise to heed: I may be internet-less at many points in the next week. Due to an unplanned and non-happy move, I will be in a car for approximately 30 hours traveling west. That said, I am trying to pad my blog with enough posts to keep ya'll sated whilst I'm off the map. The caveat to this of course, is that you have to pace yourselves and not read all the new material in one day! Should you cave to the irresistible temptation, you have no one to blame but yourself, and you'll have to spend the remainder of the week reading real news about wars and diseases and politics and stuff.

Happy reading!




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