Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Move In Assessment

The movers came today!!! I have all of my stuff back! Ah... breathe a sigh of relief. An assessment of the days events:

Pro: the movers arrived at our house by 8:30.
Con: we overslept and didn't get to the house until 8:15 after a phone call from the movers because they couldn't find our house.

Pro: the movers were super nice and stayed to unpack most of our boxes.
Con: there is absolutely no flat surface left in our new house not covered in dishes, books, or general junk.

Pro: our bed fits even better in our large master bedroom than expected.
Con: we can't sleep on the bed unless we put away the six foot tall mountain of clothing, linens, pillows, and towels that were unceremoniously "unpacked" onto the bed.

Pro: almost all of our belongings arrived in one piece.
Con: the few things that did break (two fancy bowls, a lamp, one of the pink champagne flutes from London that NavyGuy got me, and his 55" plasma screen TV) could be a huge pain in the ass to replace.

Pro: the new rug looks nice in the livingroom.
Con: you can no longer see the new rug in the livingroom because of the furniture, boxes, and 15 lamps that were shoved in the livingroom throughout the day.

Pro: we have enough glassware, barware, or stemware to provide a glass of water for every person in Anacortes... at the same time.
Con: we have enough glassware, barware, or stemware to provide a glass of water for every person in Anacortees... at the same time.

Pro: I found a few bridal magazines that I'd forgotten I'd packed!
Con: I remembered how many tasks are listed as "overdue" on my theknot.com wedding to-do list.

Pro: We got the requisite decals for our garbage cans so the city will pick up our garbage.
Con: Our street is so new that it's not on any maps, and so far everyone who's tried to get there has gotten lost.

Pro: My mom sent a gorgeous vase of housewarming flowers to the house (they even match our livingroom color scheme!)
Con: We had to put them on the newel (sp) post at the bottom of the stairway as it was the only flat surface not covered in cups or lamps.

Pro: The cable company gave us free installation on our uber cable/internet/phone package - and we're getting all the movie channels.
Con: They won't be out to hook it up for over a week, and I may die of television withdrawl before then.

All in all, it was a good day. We have obscene amounts of cleaning, organizing, and "putting-away" to do the next few days. We'd like to make significant progress before the first roommate arrives on Sunday and brings more stuff into the house. If you see a CNN headline about a home in Washington sinking into the ground in the next few days, I'll be sure to send you lots of photos ;) Luckily for you little readers, the library in town has free wi-fi, so I should still have internet access during the next week. Perhaps, I'll do a small series on how I manage to spend my time without the usual 3-6 hours of tv a day...

Enjoy your homes where items are actually in cabinets!


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