Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sort, Organize, Put Away, Repeat

NavyGuy and I planned to unpack the house until I threatened to, or actually did, throw something at him.

We left the house at 5:45pm. I consider that a successful day. :)

During our eight hour work detail, we managed to sort through the entire kitchen contents, fill four boxes of Goodwill items (cuz one house probably doesn't need six can openers), rearrange the livingroom furniture, empty most of the boxes in the master bathroom, and only break one glass candle votive. Tomorrow's project is the master bedroom. Luckily, there are fewer solid objects that can be used as projectiles in that room.

Today's project - plus five boxes of pots and pans stored in the dining room.

In other news, I finally saw last week's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy! My analysis - they're off to a good start. SPOILERS!!!! Read at your own risk. I'm interested to see what Chief does to shake up the surgeon training, how long Meredith and Derek survive, how soon they bring back the military doc that Christina hooked up with, and whether or not Lexi and George are going to become "Gexi" or "Lorge." Bleh. I was irritated with Karev for most of the episode, but that's not uncommon. I'm also curious about the three dream sequences - FarmerGirl, any thoughts? Okay, Spoilers over.

Alas, I'm off to enjoy my last night of watching tv shows on the actual television. Starting tomorrow, I'm living under a rock sans cable for a week. How wrong is it that I'll be going to the public library to use their internet access to watch TV? I fear the librarian may throw my computer out the window and drop a stack of books in my lap!

Tomorrow's project... (note - you can only see half the room!)


Princess of Ales October 1, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

Reminds me of a certain room where a certain NavyGuy lived with a creature named Dubs...

But none of YOUR stuff was recently purchased at Goodwill and never washed...(shudder)

mugs018 October 2, 2008 at 6:40 AM  

I knew I was feeling deja vu all day, but couldn't quite put my finger on it... I'll never forget the pic of Dubs stretched out on the pile complete with girl's bike!

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