Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rants of the Day

~ Why do we care what the Oprah show audience thinks about the issues? It seems like everyday, Oprah is quizzing the studio audience about something and they're voting on some (brand-name-major-company-advertiser) device. Oprah - you are not Bob Saget, and your show is not the new American's Funniest Home Videos! End the nonsensical voting!

~ When something breaks on my fancy pants oven, a failure code shows up on the fancy pants display screen on the front. Guess which failure code showed up at lunch today? F0. Guess what F0 means - the touch screen is broken. Grrr.

~ If your dog poops anywhere except your own yard, pick it up! I am stalking an old couple who walk their sheepdog up to an empty lot in our neighborhood on a daily basis, and I watch - yes, I watch - as that dopey dog takes a poop and then those two old farts walk away without so much as trying to shove some grass with their foot to cover it up! Pooper Scooper - Wal-mart.


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