Thursday, October 9, 2008

Craft Project: Halloween Cards

For my Halloween greeting cards this year, I am challenging myself to create all of the cards on a budget of only $10. I usually make about 10-15 cards for friends and family, and am determined this year to reuse last year's stamp set that I purchased, as well as the plethora of paper scraps, doo-dads, etc. that I have stocked in my scrapbook area. I figure, if I spend very little on these cards, it will be significantly easier to convince NavyGuy of my need to shell out when it comes time to make Thanksgiving and Christmas cards.

That said, my first card was inspired by a sample I found online last night. (I've included the original inspiration below, which has more detailed instructions on how to cut the shape of the card.) I like this card because of the cute hat shape, as well as the wording - a pun! Fantastic :) The brim of the hat is just a piece of black paper attached to the bottom of the front of the card. There were two types of paper, and I stamped small bats on the patterned paper to make it a little busier. The wording was also stamped with black ink (not my best stamping effort, but I'm a little rusty). I'm also not thrilled with my paper combination, but as a prototype, it turned out fine.

This second photo shows how the card opens.
Online Inspiration and Tutorial


historygirlie October 9, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

very very cute. I may steal the idea if I get time to make cards this year.

Do you hire out??? ;)

How does Sat. morning sound to chat??? I'll be home all morning. Tomorrow night I'm going to a crop with Mouser. Tonight is Betty and Grey's. LEt me know if you are free.

Sad.....we have to pencil in our schedule time to talk. oh well......

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