Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Cards - Cut Outs

This holiday seems to lend itself well to cut-out shaped cards. I saw a few ideas online and from there my brain just kept going. My biggest suggestion with this is to test out the card shape on scrap paper first. That way you can make sure to have all the cuts in the correct place, and you can hold up the card and do a "what-do-you-think-this-looks-like?" test on a willing guinea pig in the house. Here are a few of the ones I tried out:

A witch's cauldron... not my best decorative showing, but I do like the shape. (Can you tell the green blob is supposed to be the brew boiling over?)
The card flips open and was taken from a pattern by Zany, Not Crazy.

A ghost... the card is 4x5 1/2, but you need to fold it longwise (in other words, if you open the card up, it would be 11 inches top to bottom). That allows you to have the card flip open at the top (see where Mr. Ghost's head is a little bit flattened... that's the fold in the card). You also can't tell from the photo, but the eyeballs are 3-D (you can use thicker mounting tape).

A Haunted House... It opens along the left side. The front door also opens. Each picture is stamped on the inside of the card so it shows through the windows/door.

A coffin... (the card flips open along the longer left side)

And my favorite... an eyeball! It's another Zany, Not Crazy pattern. I didn't have the stamp, so I just free-handed the writing, but other than that, it was super quick.

Other ideas that came to me that would make good cut-out cards for Halloween: a pumpkin, a gravestone, a bat, or a witch hat (see previous post for photo). If you're in a creative slump, just changing up the shape of the card can make a huge difference. Happy Halloween!


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