Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Wanderings

Friday got off to a fun start with a lunch date in Oak Harbor. Upon arriving in my new home, I realized that NavyGuy would not be available to entertain me every hour of the day once he went back to work; therefore, I set about trying to find other Navy ladies in the area who yearned for girl talk, crafts, and/or anything unrelated to airplanes. Luckily for me, I met a girl (B) and we set up lunch so we could meet and see if we actually hit it off in person.

Hit it off we did! We have discovered we enjoy many of the same things - crafting, men who like to tell us things about airplanes that we don't understand, chicken teriyaki - and had a great time chatting about our new home in the Pacific Northwest. We chatted for so long, that NavyGuy texted and called, worried because I was gone so long (apparently, he feared I had wandered into an Asian restaurant in Oak Harbor and was then kidnapped and sold into white slavery). Hopefully B and I will get a chance to get together again soon :)

The fun continued when I got home and found my first Anacortes mail had arrived - a package from Mom! Four Newsweeks, one Real Simple, one In-Style, one Pottery Barn catalogue, and one nifty fall themed table runner later, I realized I had a lot of good reading to do (and would finally need to tackle the pile of nonsense residing on the dining room table if I wanted to actually test out the cute runner). Dinner was Japanese food at a pretty good restaurant in downtown Anacortes, and then I crashed in bed with my book early.

So far on Saturday, I've been highly productive. The dining room table AND piano have both been cleared (and dusted), several framed pictures have made it onto walls, and I've unpacked the box of fall decorations and dolled up the house. The "boys" (NavyGuy plus whatever random combination of other male flight students show up) are headed to see Body of Lies and then come back home and grill brats for dinner (you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the girl). And the fun continues...


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