Monday, October 6, 2008

Recipe: Citrus Chicken and Rice

That's right people - I'm back in the kitchen! With my new gas stove and ample counter space, I no longer have a single excuse to not be able to cook stuff correctly :) (Though who knew gas burners got so hot? Thank goodness I needed a haircut anyway, as a couple bits in front got singed off from the residual heat!)

Anyway, the recipe of the evening was Citrus Chicken and Rice. Essentially, I was sitting at the library yesterday, browsing the easy online recipes, trying to find something that I could make for dinner that would not require too many more Safeway purchases. Because we already had orange juice at home, this one made the cut. After a few bites, NavyGuy declared it a keeper, and I stole rice off his plate when he left the room to answer the phone. Seriously, it was the moistest, most flavorful rice I've ever made. Way better than stuff I've bought at the store, and really almost as easy. I linked the recipe, but added a few notes of my own below:

- the parsley probably makes it look nice, but we couldn't find any at the store, and I do not think the flavor was at all lacking.

- I cut up the chicken breasts into smaller pieces when sauteing them so they would cook faster, and NavyGuy thought it was smart because it saved time when it came to eating later... you know, cuz heaven forbid you have to cut your food before shoveling it in your mouth.

- after you add the chicken back into the pan to simmer with the rice and sauce, watch the rice carefully and stir often. I was distracted by a glass of red wine, and a little of the rice burned on the bottom. Totally still edible though, and I think, with additional flavor.

- be sure to scrap the pan after sauteing the chicken to include those greasy yummy chicken drippings in the sauce. For some reason the Swanson Broth people do not recommend this in the recipe, but I think it added a little something special.

That's it - total cooking time 30 minutes-ish (expect 45 if you're tasting wine whilst cooking), and super easy (Sister... you could do this without messing up the rice - I swear!).

Happy eating!


Rearden October 6, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

YOU STOLE RICE!!?!?!?!?!
Besides, I thought you cut up the chicken so you could make sure it was cooked, and I didn't like it that way because I didn't have to cut it, I thought it made the dish nicer to have the chicken in pieces, instead of big solid breasts.

mugs018 October 6, 2008 at 4:50 PM  

Editor's comment:

1) And what have we learned? Don't leave the room to answer phone calls during dinner.
2) I will retract my explanation for why NavyGuy liked the chicken pieces. Heaven forbid, this blog not show his true feelings on the matter.

Sister,  October 6, 2008 at 6:00 PM  

My biggest concern with this whole wonderful chicken story is the time it was posted - 4pm. Please tell me you did NOT eat dinner that early! Then you would have a whole new batch of things to talk about (question, really) on your blog.

P.S. Brother-in-Law saw the comment at the end and promptly said, 'no, you still couldn't do it.' Frankly, I agree.

Anonymous,  October 14, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

Thanks for the rec, Mugs. Ben and I made it (and by we, I mean I thawed the chicken and read the directions to him while he actually cooked). It was very tasty.


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