Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scrappy Goodness

If you haven't noticed, I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with paper crafts (scrapbooks, greeting cards, etc.). The evidence lies in my suggested reading blogs, where I recently added a separate craftiness category to fuel my addiction.

In that vein, here are my latest card creations. I know most of my readers are not scrappers, but a few are, so I continue to post my work in case they need inspiration, (though clearly, from my internet surfing, there are thousands of other blogs and websites where they can find more skilled inspiration!). Plus, I like to have pictures of what I make because ideally - these cards all get sent out to other people eventually!

This card opens at the top (4x5 1/2), and includes ribbon, three layers of paper, and a leaf stamp from a holiday set.

Simple, but I like it. Again, the coloring doesn't show up fantastically on screen, but I swear the two buttons are complimentary shades of brown. The doo-dads on the other two circles are small leaf cutouts.

Both of these are 4 inch squares. The card on the left includes an apple cutout (thank you new Cricut machine), and my $1 alphabet stamps (ONE DOLLAR) from Michaels. Clearly, I can write straight on a classroom chalkboard, but I'm still working on stamping expressions in a straight line. The card on the left is a fall scape, but it's hard to make out the brown tree cutout. (Squint and look closely.)


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