Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Thoughts

Things I've Found in Anacortes That Make Me Happy
1. the public library - it's new, it's big, it's chock full of books, and it has free wi-fi.
2. Safeway - grocery store with an excellent prepared food / deli section up front. So far it's been the best Chinese food we've located.
3. Village Pizza - spicy and hot - just the way we like it ;)
4. view of Mt. Baker - we've been blessed with five sunny, cloudless days in a row, so we've been taking in the scenery.
5. my, er, our house.

Examples of How I Know NavyGuy is Crazy About Me
1. He let me have all the good spaces in our closet (including unlimited shoe room!)
2. He helped unpack all of the kitchen and bedroom, all the while putting up with my cries of "No! Not there - over here!"
3. He has yet to tell me to stop whining about not having cable until next week.
4. Despite our hard and fast rule about always having our own ice cream containers in the freezer (there was an ice cream "raping" a few years back when he dug out all the fudge swirls and peanut butter cups in my ice cream container while I was gone to Book Club, and I vaguely remember a projectile ice cream scoop as a result...). Anyway, we only had one container in the freezer today and he ate out of it following my specific instructions, without gouging any unsightly holes or eating all of the cookie dough chunks!

Unpacking Projects I Still Want to Finish Tonight
1. Arranging the shoes neatly on the closet floor.
2. Locating my bedside lamp.
3. Organizing the jewelry in my jewelry box (which was "carefully" thrown in a box along with a variety of other belongings).

Things I'm Hungry for Right Now
1. Chocolate Oreo Volcano ice cream from Culvers (I blame my mom).
2. a good clementine (hmmmm... cravings for fruit... a sign of the apocalypse, or just scurvy setting in...)

NavyGuy and I are currently camped out at the aforementioned kickass Anacortes Public Library, making good use of our tax-payer funded wi-fi connection. We spent most of the morning and afternoon attempting to locate our bed and/or bedroom floor (I really didn't care which, because the carpet in our room is super soft and I totally would have slept on that if I couldn't unearth the bed). We were successful on both counts - hooray! There's still a bit more organizing to do, but we made lots of progress and added three more boxes to our Goodwill count.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to a new blog that I've put in the "More Reading Material" column. Now that I'm officially a house-dweller, I've been feeling especially domestic, and discovered Hostess with the Mostess blog. I haven't investigated it a lot yet, but it seems to be chock full of decorating ideas, photos, and craft projects - yea! I'm already thinking about where I could use the "paper pumpkin ornaments;" perhaps the entryway? So many new spaces in the house to fill with the craft projects of an easily bored unemployed person! :)

Alas, my wi-fi time is quickly running low, and I was supposed to be using this time to check for the nearest Goodwill site. Ooops... Happy Thursday night Must-See-TV! You all better be watching for me!


Rearden October 2, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

I can't help that you eat ice cream weird... and good thing I found the Goodwill store.

Sister,  October 2, 2008 at 6:54 PM  

Fyi, no worries about missing a new Office or Grey's episode. You can personally write Joe Biden and Sarah Palin to thank them.

It's like they just KNEW you weren't going to have cable tonight!

ebs handler October 3, 2008 at 4:19 AM  

My eternal gratitude to NavyGuy for "putting up" with mugs. I may have pitched her, and her stuff, out on the front lawn by now. Bored? Unemployed? Start working on those wedding invites/guest book/thank you's/summer 08 scrapbook/etc. STOP THROWING things at NavyGuy. You'll be very sorry when he starts throwing back!

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