Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Mecca

The time had come. I had been tingling with anticipation since arriving in Berkeley. Sister had spoken of this mythical place, telling grand stories of unimaginable delights. Would it live up to the hype? Would it exceed my wildest expectations? Would I come out a changed person?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

The 2-story Target in Albany (a smaller, lesser-known, San Fran Bay city), has a halo of light descending on it from the sky. There are palm trees lining the front, beckoning customers to enter its hallowed grounds. Inside, the lighting highlights only your best features, you magically become three inches taller and ten pounds lighter, and the air always has the sweet smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Fine. The only part that's true are the palm trees, but I swear - all of those other things could be true! This store is wonderful - takes your breath away! Sister and I grabbed a cart, and attacked the Dollar Spot with reckless abandon.

Three packs of fall and Halloween themed scrapbook paper later, we progressed into clothes. That's where it got a little messy. I was manning the cart amidst the endless racks of low-priced tees and sweaters, when Sister was swallowed up into the vast expanse. I wandered for a bit, picking up a long sleeve tee and a button up sweater, and finally reunited with her near the jeans. She had also found a trendy sweater* , and after a few more loops of the women's section (and the shoe section - the only small disappointment), we decided it was time to venture upstairs...

*[editor's note: I am unable to locate this one on, a first in my online shopping history. hmmm. I will continue to search and post an update if I can locate said sweater, because it is uber stylish.]

Leave it to Target to create the most ingenious method for allowing customers and carts to reach the second floor; the shopping cart escalator, located betweeen the up/down people escalators, grabs your cart, keeps it level, and carries it like a newborn baby up to the second floor where it meets you, ready to continue shopping. We toured the second floor, stopping for The Office Season 4 DVD, and a toothbrush holder (red), we headed back downstairs (another cart escalator trip!) for our grocery products.

As if the store couldn't get any better, they have a full wine and beer section. If I didn't think I'd attract attention, I'd build a fort in the sporting goods section and change my mailing address. Target met my high expectations once again, and reminded me how lucky I am to live in a land where red bullseyes dot the landscape.


Beer Widow September 16, 2008 at 10:20 AM  

You know, there is at least one two-story target in Seattle...I have been there, and it was majestic.

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