Monday, September 15, 2008

Mundane Monday

Today was super uneventful, and it's really hitting me that I have absolutely nothing to do. I have no job. I have no responsibilities (aside from personal hygiene). One's day should not revolve solely around meals. The problem of course is that my life is on pause at the moment (or to use an airplane metaphor since that's the cause of all this - I'm in a holding pattern). Until NavyGuy and I finish relocating and find a new place to live, I can't move forward with any projects that will actually occupy more than eight brain cells.

You never realize how much of your life is tied up in having a permanent address. The following projects are all at a standstill because of my temporary nomadic existence:

  1. starting grad school classes (the books are lost somewhere in the U.S. because the university can't figure out where to deliver them)
  2. applying for a Washington teaching license (apparently, the Department of Instruction expects a potential teacher to actually have residency in the state of Washington)
  3. wedding planning (not technically impossible, but considerably confusing when you try to explain your situation to a vendor - the poor bridesmaid dress store consultant nearly had an aneurysm trying to follow my story
Sigh. I can't even do scrapbook projects because all of my supplies are (hopefully) still packed in boxes in a moving van or storage unit somewhere (hopefully) in the contiguous U.S. Agh!!!! I know, I know - NavyGuy is suffering through survival training, eating cactus and sleeping in the freezing cold desert, so I really should not be complaining... but I'm just getting so anxious to be busy and productive again. And not just for the sake of having something to blog about! It is a cruel irony that you always want to be doing what you're not; I'm sure many of you would kill to be hanging out on the couch reading books all day instead of whatever job you have to go to tomorrow, while I would gladly get up at 5:45, go back to my old workplace, and teach high schoolers the difference between Austria and Austrialia (an entire hemisphere in-case-you're-wondering!). Alas... "you can't always get what you want..."

Thanks for listening to the rant. I try not to use this blog for too much "dear diary, talk about my feelings crappola" but sometimes, that's just all that comes out. Happily, an hour and a half after I started this post, Brother-in-Law is now done watching football, and Sister and I can catch up on some important TV -- tonight's new episode of The Hills!


historygirlie September 16, 2008 at 5:14 AM  

Don't forget....NavyGuy is also doing the man cuddle to keep warm.

An important thing to remember about his survival training.


You could always make's a thrilling pasttime......

Anonymous,  September 17, 2008 at 6:43 PM  

I realize that a job-less life isn't always fulfilling, but if it makes you feel at all better, I don't know what I'd do without taking my daily break to read your blog. Consider it your part time job to keep me sane while I attempt to graduate :) Thank you.

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