Thursday, September 18, 2008

BTSS - Green Shopping Bags

In case you haven't heard, there may or may not be a slight problem with the environment (who knows, maybe it will all just blow over...). Regardless of your beliefs about the cause of global climate change, everyone can get on board with a simple step on the way to a solution - reusable shopping totes! I have already broken down and purchased two of the Target bags, but as I stroll the hippie streets of Berkeley, it's clear that many other options have arrived. Check these out and feel better about your green reputation. (Hint: In order for these to actually prove useful, you have to remember to take them to the store when you shop. My technique is twofold: 1) Unpack bags immediately upon arriving home. 2) Put bags back in the front seat of the car somewhere (find a place between the seats that you can shove them) so that you see them when you get to the store and remember to take them in.)

A note: Many stores are now selling their own reusable bags for usually less than a dollar, so if you don't want to make a huge investment in bags you aren't positive you'll remember to use, those are a low-cost option until you're ready to spring for the fancier bags.
Large Insulated Tote Bag
- Build NY Market Totes
Made out of the same stuff they make wetsuits (neoprene), this bag will keep your ice cream cold all the way home. Available in three sizes, and two other colors.

Juice Drink Pouch Tote
- Target
Fantastic! Available in several other flavors - er, colors - and soooo much fun!

Grocery Shopper Reusable Bag - Target
Fun (and somehow makes me hungry for a donut?), this bag says, "I'm whimsical, a bit of a classic, yet still modern."

Bring Your Own Bug Grasshopper -
Tee hee hee. I'm not normally a fan of kitchy sayings, but seriously - when the grasshopper is this cute, how can you resist?

Kids Series, Baa Maa and Paa - Envirosax
Funky and cute, with a comfy looking strap to sling this bag over your shoulder. Plus it's super lightweight and can be rolled up to store.

Modern Cotton Totes, Series III - b.happybags
Quirky names like "betty" and "dottie" make these bags extra happy!


Princess of Ales September 19, 2008 at 9:50 AM  

Also, for those who are both eco-friendly AND crafty, I am happy to tell you how you can recycle plastic grocery bags to make an indestructable, reuseable (like FOREVER) bag.

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