Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BTSS - Jewelry

Obviously, all of these pieces cannot be worn at the same time, but I promise you WILL have trouble deciding between them. My only advice is to choose one big piece at a time; wearing earrings, bracelet, necklace, anklet, and four rings at the same time is not called stylish - it's called trying too hard.

Quartz Double-Strand Sterling Silver Necklace - Dean Harris for Target
Seems like this is the new necklace style for fall. A thick double strand that goes approximately 2/3 of the way around. Even though I haven't tried one on yet, it looks like something that would work with a lot of different necklines, and will probably last a few seasons.

Gorjana Essex Chime Earrings -
Gold compliments all those wonderful fall oranges, greens, red, and purples that you've been waiting to wrap yourself in. These earrings are subtle enough for work, but sassy enough for the weekend.
El Mar Diver Watch - Urban Outfitters
If you decide to try the bright yellow trend, but don't want to make a huge commitment, this watch is perfect. Not only is it stylish in it's own right, but the color really makes the details pop!

Multi Stone Faceted Stretch Bracelet - Ann Taylor
Whoa! Large and in charge bracelet. Sauce up the little black dress, or add to jeans and dressy jacket for a Saturday afternoon at the mall.

Grey Pearl Earrings - Ann Taylor
A slightly different spin on a classic. (You don't have to tell anyone they're faux pearls - just respond with a question about their earrings and they'll forget they even asked.)

Barbados Genuine Abalone with Glass and Resin Beads
- Lia Sophia
So the earrings pictured are also great, but I heart this extra long beaded necklace. It just looks so gentle, and would be great paired with fall's V-neck sweaters.
Vintage Filigree Cuff - Forever 21
I love this bronzy gold look, because it's a great neutral that can be paired with bright colors or black and white. Large amounts of shiny gold can look too harsh or cheesy, but this bracelet/cuff works fantastically with 3/4 length shirts.

Polished Bird Necklace - Forever 21
Simple, yet unique. Great for adding a little umph to a basic long-sleeve tee.

City Style Flower Brooch Necklace
- New York and Company
Is it a brooch? Is it a necklace? I don't know, and I don't care. This chunky necklace (all the rage according to InStyle magazine), is a statement all its own. Also available in a slate gray/purple combo.Vote Button - Forever 21
The best statement jewelry. Yes, you CAN wear this and be cool.


Princess of Ales September 18, 2008 at 8:14 AM  

I have a necklace like the one on top - love it! Get all kinds of copmliments every time I wear it. And I am going to the nearest NY&Co. ASAP.

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