Thursday, September 11, 2008

BTSS - Jackets and Outerwear

One of my absolute, hands down, favorite parts of fall is the return of coats. Yeah, during the summer you throw on a windbreaker or hoodie occasionally, but they don't stand a chance when up against trenches, peacoats, toggles, and wool. Defying all logic, I tend to purchase 1-3 new coats each fall/winter (many of which elicit admonishment from my mother over wasting money on a coat that doesn't even keep me warm - she's given up at this point and says if I die of hypothermia she's snorting "I told you so" at my funeral). Anyway, outerwear = happy thoughts.

Double Placket Belted Coat - Gap
Not only is the chocolate brown color scrumptious (it also comes in khaki), but I love the unique collar that can lay flat, or flip up for more neck warmth. Perfect with jeans or a more dressy work outfit.

Smythe Hooded Toggle Jacket - Nordstrom
God bless toggles! Love the detailing on the snaps, and hood looks so cozy (plus, at first glance, doesn't the model look like Katie Holmes during her Dawson's days?)

Street Poet Trench - Anthropologie
I prefer the red, but you really can't go wrong with the blue either. Doesn't this just scream autumn? Throw on a knit cap, some snuggly mittens, and you're off to walk through the falling leaves. (The jacket in question is top left in the montage.)

east5th Wool City Coat - JCPenny
Either the black or brown herringbone version rock. Additionally, you can order it in various lengths - yea!

Despite the 3/4 length sleeves, this lightweight jacket would make a good transition piece for those of us soon to be living in wetter climates.
Classic, and looks very comfy. The dijon color is also striking.

Birds-Eye Blazer - Banana Republic
Again, like many of these jackets that caught my eye, it's not terribly flashy, but will last through this season and likely years to come. It's a classic, flattering shape that compliments many different outfits.

City Style Boucle Jacket - New York and Company
Sooooo chic. Love love love. Fab detailing on the pockets.


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