Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hayley Mills and Dairy Queen

Adios Pensacola - good riddance! After a late start (only half an hour late, primarily due to our lack of emptying the fridge last night), we began our pilgrimage west. I, tending to get motion sick in the car, popped a Dramamine and road-tested "Sea Bands" that we found at Walgreens. Sea Bands are essentially thick elastic fabric wrist bands with a small plastic ball on the inside. You slip them over your wrists, press the small ball into a specific pressure point on your wrist and presto chango - I can read in the car again! (I did however feel like an asswipe walking into the gas station to use the facilities wearing two bright blue wrist bands, channeling Suzanne Somers in a Thighmaster infomercial).

The trip was generally smooth sailing. There was rain on and off throughout the day (which caused someone to shoot down my offers to drive, or stop at the Mississippi Backyard Exotic Animal Orphange - three tigers and a huge snapping turtle!). Luckily, I did convince someone to drive one mile away from the highway to stop at Dairy Queen for lunch. I had to then endure his whining about how I delayed our trip by "an hour" (and he says I'm given to exageration - ha!), but I shoved some Oreo blizzard in his mouth and that seemed to shut him up.

I also learned of NavyGuy's embarassing childhood crush on Hayley Mills (not during her Pollyanna or Miss Bliss on Saved By the Bell days, but rather her sexy turn in The Parent Trap). We were listening to Disney's Greatest Hits, Vol.2 (clearly it was my turn to choose the music), and debating the merits of various Disney films. [You try driving through Louisiana and finding something stimulating to talk about.] Initially, we were playing Name-That-Tune with the various songs (also embarassing for him, he got all of them right, though nearly stumbled on an Aladdin ditty). We decided to abandon the game when we nearly came to blows over whether it was Julie Andrews or Angela Lansbury singing a song from Bednobs and Broomsticks (Mugs 1, NavyGuy 0). That led though to a mutual lovefest for all 1960s-ish movies shown on the Wonderful World of Disney... which led to our discussion of Toby Tyler, Mary Poppins, and the one and only - Hayley Mills. Hee hee hee...

Someone informed me that I WILL in fact be driving tomorrow, and I will NOT be choosing any more of our traveling music, lest it lead to any other embarassing secrets.


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