Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puppy Adventures

Lucy, Sister's puggle puppy, (aka "my niece") has been quite the entertainment for the past week. I thought I would give her her fair share of blog space and recount a few of her best anecdotes...

~ Lucy likes to snuggle on laps whenever possible. She warmed to me soon after my arrival, and since we spend all day together while Sister and Brother-in-Law are off doing important things, we've developed a close relationship. And by close, I mean, she loves to jump up onto the couch, and nose her head underneath my laptop until I relent, lift the laptop, and allow her to stretch out on my legs. Mind you, I believe she's stepped on both of my kidneys, part of my lower intestine, and possibly an ovary several times while doing this, but she's so gosh darn warm and snuggly once she's on your lap!

~ On the not so cute side, she felt ignored this morning, and decided to escape into the guest room, walk all over my AeroBed mattress, and them promptly squat on the quilt at the end and let loose a solid #2. Sister and I went bulleting into the room and managed to scare her into stopping, but needless to say, Sister washed my quilt, and someone else ended up in the naughty kennel in the meantime.

~ Lucy's had a rough week. On Wednesday night, we noticed that her right eye was red and oozing a bit of green goop. Sister took this as a sign that the pooch was dying of cholera or worse, and scheduled a vet visit for the following day. When Brother-in-Law and Lucy arrived home from the appointment, the diagnosis was puppy allergies (oh lord, what if she's allergic to the Cheerios I've been feeding her all week!?!?), and she was sporting a sexy transparent cone around her neck to prevent her from scratching at her eye. Top that off with thrice daily eye drops, and the poor puppy was living a pathetic life. Not going to lie though, it was super amuzing to watch her try to navigate around the apartment with her cone on, and we may or may have have entertained ourselves by trying to throw dog food at her mouth and get it to land in the cone where she couldn't reach it (note to PETA - she's fine, she's a dog for god's sake, and we eventually rescued the wayward puppy chow so she didn't give herself whiplash).

~ So, I've been needing an excuse for a new laptop, and bless her little heart, Lucy provided what I could not. In a vicious game of tug of war, Lucy managed to get tangled in my laptop cord, and before I knew what was happening, the expensive electronics flew out of my hands, landed on the floor, and I saw a small piece of something go flying. A closer inspection showed I was now one "?/" key less on my keyboard... the keystroke still works (obviously), but I now have a cool open space next to the shift key! I always wanted to know what the inside of the keyboard looked like :) Lucy apologized profusely with smelly kisses.

These are the few little bumps in the road this past week with puppy. I have been bugging NavyGuy for a puppy of our own for years (I once stooped to using my lower lip in a pet store, and stating, "But I've been so good this week." I know, shameful, but had it actually worked, you'd be trying it too.) The constant reply has been, "When we get a house..." (or, "When you prove you can keep a plant alive, we'll talk puppy), but we'll see how long it takes. In the meantime, puppy-sitting my niece is excellent practice for the real thing someday. And aside from these few little bumps, she's been fabulous. Her crazy cute little face looking up at you when she stands up on the coffee table attempting to steal popcorn - how could anyone not love that?!? However, if I get in my AeroBed tonight and find anymore presents, the gravy(Cheerio)train from Aunt Mugs is going to swiftly end!


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