Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Calendar - November and December

It's usually about this point in a project that I start to lose steam. I'm anxious to finish it up, my original burst of inspiration and creativity is gone, and it's a challenge/chore to complete the last few pages without them looking shoddy or like duplicates of earlier layouts.

Clearly, by November, the layouts were getting a little... sparse (that's the nicest word I could use for it). But, sometimes sparse and simple is a pleasant change of pace.

The way to avoid a complete meltdown by the end though is to plan the last couple of pages when you're first starting. That way, as you wind down, it's late at night, you're low on supplies, energy, wine, and motivation, you can have a few great pages at the end. I was quite happy when I found this Christmas tree layout on a scrapbook sketch blog Pencil Lines (also linked in the sidebar). It's #115 in their collection, and while I expanded mine to include larger photographers over the entire page, I think it still turned out great

The red buttons are from Target dollar spot mix kit I picked up last Valentine's Day. All of the photos were placed on one green piece of paper, then I glued them all down and simply cut around the outside. The stark red background contrasts nicely.

Another year done, another calendar complete. If I was smart, I'd already be working on next year's...

Hehehe :)


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