Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day!

So what began as an exciting day, what with my "live" blogging of the Inauguration Festivities, got even more exhilarating around 11am when my phone rang... and I agreed to substitute for a sixth grade class... in 30 minutes!

Thank goodness I had broken away from Brian Williams and Al Roker joking about fedoras to shower before the phone rang. I quickly changed from my lazy day jeans and sweatshirt into some teacher clothes, grabbed a granola bar and a Diet Mountain Dew, checked the map to the school, and took off.

I arrived at the school and readied myself for elementary students. After checking in at the office and getting my schnazzy Substitute name badge (to blare loud and clear that I can be walked all over), I went to the classroom and found the teacher still there. I had managed to get there a little early, so I was able to look over the plans with the teacher and see the kids in action. Ended up being a dream job - when the teacher left at noon the kids went to lunch. Then I had them for twenty minutes before they went to gym, then another 45 minutes, recess, and then science class with another teacher! Easy peasy! (I should have brought my book).

Highlights and thoughts on my first official substitute job:

~ Sixth graders are short. I've never had a class where I'm the tallest person in the room; I tried not to let the power go to my head.

~ Sixth graders like to tell you things. Anything. That tomorrow is their birthday. That they have basketball practice afterschool. That someone else took their pencil. That they can cross their eyes (which they then proceed to prove to you). You forget just how much energy they bring to the table.

~ Many of the boys in class were wearing shorts. It's January. This is wrong.

~ I got to answer many a history question! The students were working on research papers and had to spend time writing a rough draft of their introduction. You'd think I would have gotten tired of answering the same question over and over again, yet it was refreshing.

Overall, it was a great first subbing experience, and I officially love subbing. I got to spend the time the kids weren't in my room doing whatever I wanted, I took nothing home with me to grade or plan for tomorrow, and I got to do the most fun part of being a teacher - working with the kids!


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