Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation Recap - Fun with Friends

Contrary to common belief, I did not spend every single second I was in Wisconsin traveling from one fast food restaurant to another, gorging myself on all things fried, greased, smothered, or chocolately. A few days, I found time to catch up with some of my best buds :)

My cousin had a holiday party where I got to reminisce with the high school gang. I'll never get over the fact that we can go months without talking, then get together one night and catch everyone up to speed like old times. Our friendships aren't exactly the same as when we were in high school; we've all changed, expanded our circles of friends, and moved forward in our lives. But we still have a connection to each other. My girlies are all kicking ass out in the world (one spent the fall campaigning for Obama, another is well on her way to becoming the Bill Gates of weather and environmental change), and I was psyched that several were able to get to the bridal shower as well.

Despite NavyGuy's protestations, we spent one night bowling with good friends TWP and her hubby. I wiped the floor with all of them the first game, then decided to let NavyGuy show off a bit and take the second game. Earlier in the evening, we had celebrated TWP's daughter's first birthday. As a doting fairy godmother, I was delighted to be able to go to the party and see my little munchkin demolish a piece of ice cream cake (this girl is a powerhouse - she will be on the 2025 season of American Gladiators... possibly named Viper or Chunky).

Last, but not least, dinner at Texas Roadhouse (yea, rolls with cinnamon butter!) with Historygirlie and her daughter Kitty (yea for them!). We had a mini bridal shower since Historygirlie was quarantined with her germ-infested family the day of the shower. Kitty entertained us all evening with her "surprise" face (picture a 14 month old going "oooohhhh") everytime something exciting arrived at the table. NavyGuy was a saint and sat through our gabfest without complaining or checking his phone once! (Or at least if he did check his phone, he did it sneakily under the table.)

Seeing all these dear friends was bittersweet - it's great to see them, but it's harder then when I get back to Washington, because I'm reminded of how happy they make me. But, such is life.

The next vacation recap will start addressing the numerous wedding appointments we had while home, but before we get too far away from January 1st, I think the next post will be a review of 2008.


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