Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jean Tucking Update

Who knew I would strike such a chord!?!? I should have known that fashion emergencies were what you people really craved (and not hard-hitting news or educational bits).

I purchased some leather spray from the Target today, so I could spray the Uggs and protect them from the elements (or a chance ice cream spill). As soon as they're dry and fully ready to go, I am going to attack the jean-tucking challenge again. Props to Sister for the inside tip (she of the big city mad fashion skills), which will ideally solve this major dilemma.

I will triumph!


historygirlie January 14, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

I'm sure you'll be bug-adorable in tucked in jeans, but I laugh at the thought of myself with that fashion....these child bearing hips? Yikes!!! I'll stay out of this fashion trend, and stick with my flared jeans and heels. :)

BTW: Mom H. already has school called off for tomorrow. the entire FDL district is out for cold. How nice is don't even need to watch the TV in the morning! KHS had better be in school....I only have 3 days to teach the 20 year Vietnam war!!! I can't lose any more time!

I never thought that I'd curse a snow day if it happened.........


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