Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Calendar - October

Oh Cricut, how I love thee. The tree above? Cricut. The stack of pumpkins below? Cricut. The October heading? I'll give you three guesses... but you won't need them all!

Now, I will admit that the small leaves scattered throughout these pages are from a basic punch, but I could have done them with a cricut cartridge as well. The above page also shows another option for backing or highlighting your photos besides a simple square frame; four small square corners help offset the graduation photo. It's a great trick to use when you start to run low on paper, or only have small scraps with which to work (my inventory of dark brown paper started to deplete by the time I reached the October layout).

Again, remember that these pages still need text; the white space in the upper right corner and lower left corner are intentionally blank, leaving me room to add captions and descriptions.

I'm posting all of these pages to hopefully a) give some basic layout ideas, b) to share easy details that can be added to pages, and c) to have reminders of the calendar since it's now hanging in my grandparents' house!


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