Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Meal

The list of tasks that excite a bride about wedding planning is endless. Choosing flowers, a dress, shoes, linens, invitations - the list is endless. The list of tasks that excite a groom about wedding planning consists merely of any appointment that involves the word "tasting."

Luckily for NavyGuy, two of our wedding appointments while we were home involved the magic word! Cake tasting and food tasting. First up was food tasting at the venue.

Due to our hectic schedule, we had to skip the full tasting at the Overture Center (which was scheduled for a random Saturday in January) and attend a special mini tasting set up for ourselves and two other couples. The Overture Center was able to serve up several entrees and salads for us to try. The head chef attended and gave us great information about all of the menu items. NavyGuy and I knew we were going to select a beef entree and a chicken entree, but after having tasted a few options, we knew we couldn't go wrong with whatever we chose.

The beef will be Prime Rib (which NavyGuy loves), and the chicken is "Chicken Saltimboca," a boneless skinless chicken breast, wrapped in ham and cheese, and drizzled with a yummy brown sauce. Both will have two sides - roasted mixed vegetables (with a good variety of veggies so hopefully everyone can find a few they like), and jasmine rice pilaf. The hors d'oeuvres are still up in the air, but we have time to choose those goodies. If the food is as good at the reception as it was when we tasted it (fingers crossed!), we're in for a great meal!


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