Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Calendar - Summer

My hand is cramping from writing bridal shower thank you's (should your pointer finger twitch when you hold it out in front of you?), so I'm breaking to see if typing will help stretch the phalanges out a bit and allow me to finish a few more notes later. The pictures below continue my showcase of the 2009 family calendar. (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)

My little cousin may not look thrilled to be feeding a goat, but I'm told she had fun that day.

This year I was able to add some photos of the "adults" in our family, along with the grandchildren pictures. The group photo above is the "nice" version; I find the goofy shot more true to life, but I figured Grandma and Grandpa would prefer the smiling faces.See? There IS a photo of the bride and groom on the July page. People just have no faith in me. ;)More Cricut action with the shell cutouts on the August pages.
One of my favorite parts to the Stretch Your Imagination Cricut cartridge is the ability to layer images and add dimension to the cutouts. The shell in the upper left corner is one example of this.


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