Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bridal Shower Recap

Martha. Has. Been. Outdone.

Working under incredible time, financial, and sanity constraints, TWP (my unofficial wedding planner and mother of the flower girl) whipped up a pink confection of a bridal shower unseen before by human eyes. I thought my poor pink-phobic mother was going to lapse into a coma from all the pink. Maid of Honor Miss J served a monstrous spread of food (which, sadly, will not be shown in photos because the only one I have of it includes me standing over it stuffing taco dip in my mouth...), and several other relatives, friends, and maids contributed to make it an amazing shower. I was blessed to have many of my most favorite folks there to celebrate, and they all said the nicest things about me! (I still haven't figured out who paid them off.) Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!!

Our littlest guest - who could resist this cutie pie?

Yes, she's wearing a tutu. Yes, it's pink. Yes, her shoes are too. And my goddaughter is rockin' this outfit people (how much is she going to steal the show as flower girl?).


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