Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Week on the Job

The reports are coming out already that President Obama is running a more "casual" White House than his predecessor. The New York Times has this article detailing many changes in the customs, schedules, routines, and day to day events of the Obama White House. Here are some of the highlights:

~ President Bush had a strict "coat and tie" rule for everyone in the Oval Office, but President Obama was photographed on his first full day of work sans jacket, indicating that the rules have changed. David Axelrod, a senior advisor, explained the change as a result of Obama kicking up the thermostat in the Oval Office (apparently, he likes it warm enough to grow orchids).

~ Obama likes to wander. He tends to show up at advisors' offices in the West Wing unannounced, like the time he surprised press secretary Robert Gibbs with his feet up on his desk.

~ The President has continued the tradition of weekly lunches with the Vice-President. What's typically on the menu for him? Chicken, fish, or a cheeseburger.

~ So far President Obama has been reveling in the fact that he "lives above the store." He takes time to eat breakfast and dinner with his girls, and also helps pack them up for school each morning.

The full article has some other fun information about what his first week has been like. And check out this video from this morning where Obama comments on the snow day issue... (for the record, he and I agree on this controversial issue 100%).


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